Fluorescent Art

Fluorescent Art

untitled (to the “innovator” of Wheeling Peachblow) 1968 by Dan Flavin (American, 1933-1996) Flavin began to use commercially available fluorescent light tubes in 1963. This work marries color and light, bringing them into three dimensions.In dialogue with the surrounding space, the vertical and horizontal tubes both illuminate and obscure the corner – a location not typicallly used for displaying art. Though the emitted light transcends its physical encasement and transforms the surrounding space, Flavin avoided characterizing his work as sublime and instead considered his light installations “situations” or proposals. “One might not think of light as a matter of facts, but I do,” he stated. “And it is…as plain and open and direct an art as you will ever find.”  (seen at MoMA)



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