pic  Cornelis Verwaal is a New York based photographer and former researcher/archivist at the Time Life Picture Collection. 
He has been taking pictures since he was a boy growing up in the Netherlands, and he still has a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around him, especially Central Park and the streets of New York City.

His work has appeared in various publications including:


  • Building New York  “The Rise and Fall of the Greatest City on Earth” by Bruce Mashall. Rizzoli, 2005.

  • New York City Yesterday and Today by Linda Tagliaferro; Publications International, 2009.

  • Panorama TRAVEL – Italian edition December 2010.

  • Active Design Guidelines ©2010, City of New York – promoting physical activity and health in design.

  • The Grove Encyclopedia of American Art, Vol. 1; Oxford University Press, 2011

  • West Side Rag -News about the Upper West Side of NYC

  • Central Park NYC – An Architectural View by Andrew Zega and Bernd H. Dams; Rizzoli, New York, 2013.

  • Whalebone Magazine Vol. 3, No. 01 – The NYC Issue, 2016

  • Snelweg X Stad / Highway X City
    The Future of the Urban Ring Road- BNA Onderzoek 2017.

  • GEO (Germany) Special Vol. 5, New York Issue, 2017.

He resides with his wife in New York City, a place that offers endless possibilities for a photographer.

All photos on this blog are Copyright Cornelis Verwaal and use without permission is prohibited.

Contact:  cverwaal@gmail.com

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31 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Cornelis. This is a nice photoblog. The last 30 minutes i read and looked. You have an eye for special moments and a style i like.

    kind regards from the Black Forest


  2. There is some wonderful work presented here. The photos exhibit a quality only won by experience…
    I found your site through google alerts, as I am seriously thinking about buying an E-P2


  3. Greetings from Australia. Really enjoying your work – just found it tonight and have bookmarked it so I can come back and explore more of it. Thanks for the sharing.


  4. Hi Cornelis,

    Your blog is stunning – just the kind of photography I aspire to. I noticed that you have an lx3, and Olympus ep1 and ep2. All these cameras have fallen in price since when they first appeared on the market and I’m looking for a bit of an upgrade on my ricoh gx200 and the opportunity to use some quality lenses. Do you have any recommendations on the best purchase?

    Thanks for sharing this.


    • Thank you, Stephanie,

      Glad you like my photography. I’m having fun taking the pictures. I like to use film as well as digital, and as far as recommendations goes, the digital camera in my collection I like best at the moment is the E-p2, with the electronic viewfinder. Excellent quality and the ability to use vintage manual focus lenses of just about any brand with the proper adapter. The lx3 with its beautiful Leica lens is a perfect little travel companion if you don’t want to be weighed down. The E-p1 combined with the 17mm pancake lens and optical viewfinder I mainly use for street photography.

      Regards, Cornelis


  5. Hello Cornelis, you have an amazing Eye! I specially enjoyed the B&W’s; toning is outstanding.
    “the lives of mannequins” put a huge smile on my face 🙂
    I simply must must must follow your Art…beautiful!


  6. Hi Cornelis-you have a real talent for capturing wonderful moments in time! Your photoblog is a real treasure! Thanks for sharing.

    I am writing about children’s spaces in NY and I was wondering if I could use one of your images (with proper credit of course) to illustrate how children play with water in NYC. The one I am thinking of is a night image of a child running thorough the columbus circle fountains. Please let me know if I have your permission to do so. If not- that is also fine. I will still love your photos:)!!!



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