City of Lights

City of Lights

The Mid-Manhattan skyline seen over The Lake in Central Park last night Jan. 10, 2019.


Rowboat at Rest in Monochrome

Rowboat at Rest in Monochrome

The Boathouse restaurant at The Lake in Central Park

Tourists on the Rocks

Tourists on the Rocks

The rocky outcropping of the Hernshead in Central Park is a popular habitat for various species of tourists, especially on a hot day like today Aug. 29, 2018, with a heat index of 106℉ (41℃).

Stormy Skies

Stormy Skies

The Lake in Central Park with a view of the San Remo apartment towers.

All is Quiet at The Lake

All Quiet at The Lake

A misty morning at The Lake in Central Park today March 29, 2018.

Cell Phone Solitude by The Lake

Cell Phone Solitude by The Lake

Solitary man and cell phone on a rock by The Lake in Central Park today Oct. 19, 2017.

Summer Ramble

Summer Ramble

Rowboat on The Lake seen from the Ramble in Central Park today June 21, 2017.