Two Ladies and a Lamp

Two Ladies and a Lamp

Seen at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library today Feb. 3, 2019.


Thousands of Points of Light.

Thousands Points of Light

Columbia University last night Dec. 11, 2019.

Post-Christmas Silence in the Nave

Silence in the Nave

St. Bartholomew’s church on Park Avenue at 51st. Street in New York City.

Dusk over the Westside

Dusk over the Westside

The Upper Westside skyline seen over the Reservoir in Central Park, Today Dec. 22, 2018.

Man and Bird

Man and Bird

Along the waterfront at Battery Park City in New York today Dec. 14, 2018.

Shadows and Reflections on Madison

Shadows and Reflections on Madison

Madison Avenue at 80th Street today Dec. 7, 2018

Making Way for the New

Making Way for the New

With the Mid-Manhattan skyscrapers looming in the distance, old buildings on 125th street are making way to new developments. Seen from the CUNY School of Public Health Policy at 55 West 125th Street, Nov. 29, 2018.



Lines and shadows at the Photo Expo Plus in the Javitz Convention Center.

Open for Business

Open for Business

A shoeshine man waits for customers at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center today Oct. 26, 2018.

Lady in a Grid

Lady in a Grid

At the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City today Oct. 25, 2018.

Architecture to Inspire

Architecture to Inspire

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Rooftop Living

Rooftop Living

Penthouses and even a greenhouse (left of the water-tower ) on the roof of a Park Avenue apartment building at 70th Street.

Suspended in White Marble

Suspended in White Marble

A guard leaning on a guard rail overlooking Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus at the World Trade Center today Oct. 15, 2018.

All is Peaceful at the Pool

All is Peaceful at the Pool

A quiet moment at The Pool in Central Park

A High Position Job

A High Position Job

When your office is the cabin of a crane high up in the sky, you need strong legs for your daily commute. Seen at 111 West 57th Street, the construction site of a super-tall skyscraper; Oct. 2, 2018.

A Pink House in the Sky

Pink House in the Sky

A country home built on top of an aparment building. Seen along the east side of Manhattan from a NYC Ferry up the East River.

Under Surveillance

Under Surveilance

Man at Wagner Park has his lunch while four mysterious figures quietly observe him.



Marching band from Germany in action during the 61st German-American Steuben Parade today Sept. 15, 2018.

Communing with the Rocks

Communing with the Rocks

A moment of Zen at Umpire Rock, an outcrop of Manhattan schist protruding from the Central Park bedrock in Manhattan near the southwest corner of the park, south of the Heckscher Ballfields, today Sept. 12, 2018.

A Study in Contrasting Economies

A Study in Contrasting Economies

Seen on Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Autumn is in the Air

Autumn is in the Air

Storm clouds over the Haubt Conservatory in the New York Botanical Garden, Aug. 31, 2018.

Higher and Higher

Higher and Higher

The towers along 57th street are reaching ever more skyward; Aug. 27th, 2018.



Seen on West 57th St. today Aug. 27th, 2018.

The Little Lighthouse and the Big Bridge

The Little Red Lighthouse under the mighty Washington Bridge

The Little Red Lighthouse under the mighty George Washington Bridge at the Hudson River.

Lost in Patterns

Lost in Patterns

Seen on West 57th Street today Aug. 21, 2018.

The Lone Musician

The Lone Musician

Man playing the Erhu, a Chinese 2-stringed fiddle, at the Band-shell in Central Park, today Aug. 20, 2018.

Urban Grazers

Urban Grazers

Tourists waiting for their snack at a food cart on Fifth Avenue, Aug. 17, 2018.

We Know How Fragile You Can Be

We Know How Fragile You Can Be

First Avenue at 80th Street on a very hot and humid New York day, Aug. 3, 2018.

Eyes on the Fountain

Eyes on the Fountain

Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts, New York City.



At the Lincoln Center Fountain, New York City.

Lincoln Square Clean Team

Lincoln Square Clean Team

Man on the job keeping Lincoln Square free of smut.

A Colorful Invasion

A Colorful Invasion

Some colorful otherworldly creatures have invaded the corporate grey world of Brookfield Place in Battery Park City, courtesy of artist Jason Hackenwerth’s giant installation “Animal Soul”

A Moment of Solitude

A Moment of Solitude

Seen at Lincoln Center, July 10, 2018.

Eat More Fruit!


Vendors with their colorful wares alongside the Manhattan Bridge in China Town, New York City.

A Colorful Moment

Colorful New York

Seen on Waverly Place, New York City.

Stay Alert

Stay Alert

Man consults his cellphone, unaware of the threat looming up in back of him; Fulton Street, New York City.

The Communicators

The Communicators

Seen at Lincoln Center, New York City.

A Colorful Day In New York

A Colorful Day In New York

Happy Pride Day !!

The Hurried Office Worker

The Hurried Office Worker

Coffee in hand, an office worker rushes back to his desk at Winter Garden in Battery Park City today June 22, 2018.

A Shadowy Entanglement

A Shadowy Entanglement

Lincoln Center, June 16, 2018.

An Egg-Holder in the Crowd

An Egg-Holder in the Crowd

Artist Johan Figueroa Gonz├ílez performing as a living statue by the name “Idem_Caeli” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Pastor is In

The Pastor Is In

Free – the church provides the nickel – Spiritual Help offered at the Immanuel Lutheran church on Lexington Avenue and 88th street today May 24, 2018.

The Towers of Battery Park City

The Towers of Battery Park City.

From the J. Owen Grundy Pier at Jersey City Exchange Place with the misty skyline of Battery Park City in back.

Towers of Manhattan

Towers of Manhattan

A misty view of Battery Park City on Manhattan seen from Jersey City today, May 17, 2018.

Urban Color

Urban Color

Seen on Fifth Avenue, New York City.

A Solitary Game

A Solitary Game

At the North Meadow Recreation Center in Central Park today May 15, 2018.

The Photographer

The Photographer

Legendary New York City street photographer Louis Mendes at the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue.

Happy Spring

Happy Spring

A colorful happening at the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue today April 1, 2018.



Walkway to Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus at the World Trade Center transit hub, New York City, Feb. 28, 2018.

Architecture to Impress


Inside Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus of the World Trade Center transportation hub at Battery Park City; Feb. 28, 2018.